Sabado, Marso 12, 2011


Ahh…. Sinulog Festival.
What a day it was.

It wasn’t like every year I am able to go to Cebu to witness the fun activities of this festival.

But I was very happy that I did this year.

The first place we visited was of course, the
Sto. Nino Church. It was very, very filled with people. We wanted to attend the mass, but we didn’t because there were too much people.

I was able to see the very grand parade and it was like I had a chill in my back watching the different productions. I had the chance to see many famous artist, like my idol in Mara Clara, Jhong Hilario, who was very handsome in personal. I was very delighted to see him!
Especially that he was very handsome in personal.

After that, one of my friends had a Henna tattoo at her back. It was very beautiful indeed. i want to have one, too; but I couldn’t because it was very expensive. I think ill try one next time.

We also checked out the stores on Abellana National High school. There were many beautiful products being sold, like bags, shoes, blouses- and it was very cheap indeed. I bought one pair of shoes, while my friend bought many things.

 After that, we ate in a restaurant in Robinsons and when we were full, we took a trip around the mall. The mall was very festive.

The last place we visited was the Night Market in Colon. It was very unusual to have a market in the middle of a very busy street, but it was possible because of Sinulog. There were many things, beautiful and cheap, was sold. Some of my friends bought some things, but I didn’t because I have no more money. That, we took a snack , balut and mango shake, and after that, we went home.